Gondola: the 'it just works' media center.

Designed for parents: solve the problem of your kids scratching all their DVDs.
iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and web clients.
Open Source.

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Is Gondola for you?

Are you sick of your kids' DVD's getting scratched and unusable? Or spending forever wading through DVD menus to get to the show they want to watch? Hopefully Gondola can help.

Gondola is a media center (like, say, Plex) that is designed to work from a single-board-computer or old laptop, without the expense of investing in a NAS. It accomplishes this by pre-processing your media into HLS, after which playback is a simple matter and needs very little processing power.

Gondola is intended for only: your home media, freely licensed media, and anything else the user is legally licensed for. Compliance is the users' responsibility and in no way can the developer be held responsible.



Watch your TV shows and Movies from your iPhone when connected to the same network.

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Watch your TV shows and Movies from your iPad. The clients are open source, so feel free to compile and install them yourself for free, however for your convenience I've also put them on the App Store, for a small fee to help cover my developer account costs.

App Store Github

Apple TV

Easily watch your movies on the big screen without relying on Airplay.

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Watch your media without needing an App - any web browser that supports HLS playback will work. Simply browse to http://gondola.local on the same network as your Gondola server.


Having said all that, the media must be pre-processed, which can take a long time if it's high quality. Eg I tried a 3-hour 1080p movie, and my Chip took 40 hours to transcode it. This is why I recommend this for media you'll watch over and over again, eg backups of your kids' DVDs. You will likely find it to be much faster if you use an old laptop.

Get Started

To create your own Gondola media server, full instructions can be found on Github. But here's the summarised version: