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Why Videos?

Most tutorials take the form of textual step-by-step instructions, which can be hard to follow, or dull to the point that it is impossible to continue. Also, most tutorials teach you how to perform a particular task. This series, to my knowledge, is the only one of its kind to take you the entire journey from creating a new project in Xcode, through to submitting it to the App Store (submission videos available in the complete package).

Not only that, but you'll gain value by watching a pro at work - you'll see all the subtle tricks of the trade such as dragging in folders from Finder to create Xcode groups, tricks that add up to a more productive workflow. Tricks and techniques such as these are difficult to communicate in text tutorials, but transfer across beautifully in screencast videos. I hope you find these videos helpful.


A Video Crash Course to Learn iOS Development

This is everything I wish I had when I started learning to develop iPhone Apps. In fact, if someone knows of an equivalent course on Android, I'd love to be their customer!

Through video lessons, I'll show you every step of the way. You'll learn effective workflow, how to use Xcode, how to effectively structure an iOS app, and how to submit to the App Store (complete bundle only). You'll get over the initial learning curve and shock of unfamiliarity with Xcode through this series.


20 Videos

You'll be getting 20 videos that walk you through each step of the journey. Mostly recorded live, this gives you a unique opportunity to peek over the shoulder of a pro developing an App.


4 Extra Videos

Extra videos (complete package only) are available which show you the steps beyond code: taking your app once you've developed it to the App Store. These are optional but very interesting to watch to help build your confidence for when the time comes to perform these steps for yourself.


2.5 hours

With 140 minutes of video, this is a course that is long enough to contain tons of useful information, but short enough to be consumable without weeks of your spare time. Think of it as an investment in your future, giving you a jump-start to learning iOS development.


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All 24 videos.
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Source code for each video.
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I'll show you how to create good icons with minimal fuss.
A script to help you generate nice looking App Store screenshots.

Buy now for $9


About Chris Hulbert

I am an iOS developer / contractor living in Australia with my wife and daughters. I have a broad array of experience from my work at Google, News Corp, Fox Sports, NineMSN, FetchTV, Woolworths, and Westpac. I've been involved in the creation of native iOS apps for 4 years commercially, plus a couple years in my spare time. I'm always looking to try to add value and help people wherever I can, and I hope my videos help you!