I’ll cut straight to the chase: This week’s big news is: my Today app got approved! Very exciting. Although it won’t be out till the 12th, as that’s when the marketing push begins. A few people have asked why I don’t just release it onto the app store now, before the marketing push begins. I’ve been told that when releasing to the app store, it’s best to go for the ‘big bang launch’ approach because you’re only in the ‘new and noteworthy’ pages for a short while, so you need to give your app it’s best chance to spike its download numbers while it’s there. So there you go - and hey it’s worth a try, even if it means a delay of a week in which i’m dying for it to come out.

So i’m sitting at home, a bit bored now, waiting for the 12th (and also another personal reason… i write a bit more frankly on my newsletter if you’re interested). So far this week i’ve been so bored that i’ve dismantled and fixed our vacuum cleaner and washing machine, and whipped together an amusing app for counting and graphing birthing contractions: Contractionator. I’m not sure if i’ll put it on the app store, it’s pretty cheesy.

Have a great week everyone, keep working on your own projects, the world needs more awesome software so get cracking!

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Chris Hulbert

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