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Examples of past projects (the ones that I'm allowed to talk about!).
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Fox League

In 2018 I re-joined the team at Fox Sports to help with improvements and features in their latest live-updating NRL and AFL apps, specialising in improving the robustness of the codebase and hitting tight deadlines to release in time for season kickoff.

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Cochlear Nucleus Smart

Cochlear produces hearing aid implants, which interoperate with an externally worn microphone called a 'Sound Processor'. This app uses Bluetooth to allow implant recipients to control the various settings of their Sound Processor. I was part of the team for a year working on various features and improvements.

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Commonwealth Bank

CBA's consumer facing banking app, designed specially for the iPad. As part of the team working on this app, my role was specialising on animations and rich interactions.

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Muffin Break

I developed the entire app, subcontracting to an agency in Sydney. Please download this app and check out the rich animations and interactions we brainstormed together!

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Macquarie's everyday consumer banking app. As part of the team of 3 iOS devs, we were tasked with reimagining a modern banking app.

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News Corp ran a promotional game where players could only use the app on certain targeted buses. This used Bluetooth beacon technology in a fascinating project.

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Gondola is an open source media center project I've released. It includes a suite of apps: a server, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV clients, as well as web/android access.

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Photochain is a social network for sharing and voting on daily interesting photos. I developed this in a freelance capacity for a client, developing both the app and the backend. The backend involved Google App Engine, programmed in Go.

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Google Maps Coordinate

A mobile workforce management tool, I was part of the 3-person iOS team building this in Google's Sydney office.

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Dimmi allows you to make restaurant bookings online, as well as discover new local restaurants. I was the solo developer developing this during a 3 month contract.

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The Herald Sun

The iPad app for the leading Victorian newspaper. I was part of the News Corp team developing this.

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The Australian

The iPad app for the iconic Australian newspaper. I was part of the News Corp team developing this.

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Fox NRL Live

Follow your favourite NRL team, and see all their statistics in style with this iPad app.

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The Daily Telegraph

The iPad app for the leading New South Wales newspaper. I was part of the News Corp team developing this.

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An app for counting contractions, designed expressly for dads-to-be with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour!

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Divine Bible

Showcases the classic texts alongside some beautiful landscape photography. 260 beautiful stock photos, one for each chapter of the new testament.

Apple TV

Ninemsn Jumpin

Channel 9's catch-up TV service and TV guide. I was part of the team at Ninemsn developing this app in the lead-up to the 2012 olympics. In particular, I was the developer of the original version of the tv guide grid view.

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Skeleton Key

Unsatisfied with the current crop of password-management apps, I decided to make my own. All encrypted and synced via Dropbox.

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Telstra Usage

Keep a close eye on your data and calls usage versus your quotas with this app, in order to avoid end-of-month bill shock when you use more than your cap.

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Today Calendar

View your upcoming events in a cleverly summarised way: Today's events in great detail, tomorrow's in less detail, and later events showing minimum detail.

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Fetch TV

Fetch's companion app to their IPTV box. I was part of the team developing this at-the-time revolutionary remote control. In particular, I developed the TV guide grid and remote control screens.

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