Long time no hear! Yes i’m still around, and after getting a couple of ‘where are you?’ emails from readers i figure it’s time to blog again. Sorry for the blackout lately, i’ve been using my spare time to watch all the iOS videos from Apple’s recent WWDC conference. It was about 40 hours of videos - what a marathon! Let’s just say that if i didn’t discover how to watch them in 1.5x speed, I would have fallen asleep many times :)


So what’s new? Well, after a couple of offers, I’ve been lucky enough to land my next gig at a big newspaper after my current one at a bank. With still roughly a month to go at my current contract, too - iOS contracting has certainly heated up since last time. Maybe there’s a future in this iOS contracting career, who knows? If you’re considering jumping into contracting, drop me an email, maybe i can help out.

I had a peek at a couple of friends’ androids (S3, HTC One) - wow they’re catching up fast. Android isn’t the laggy, ugly thing it used to be. Apple better keep moving. Having said that, i don’t think Android will ever have the App ecosystem - there are just too many design challenges (pentile screen, variable sizes) and development challenges (non-rich SDK).

Apps and entrepreneurial stuff

What to do now? I’ve been inspired by marco’s post about iOS7 presenting an opportunity to us all… Do I make a couple of iOS7-exclusive apps for when it releases in a few months? Maybe write an ebook/videos on iOS7 development? Or stick to working on ScrumFox? I think i’ll try iOS7. What do you guys think i should do? I’m genuinely interested in feedback.


So… I sold our car and bought another one (an old BMW). And… I may have bought the wrong car, like an idiot. So, in the interests of staying positive, here’s my thought: I’d rather be wrong some of the time than do nothing all of the time. In that vein, i hereby give you permission to make as many mistakes as it takes to get where you’re going. And don’t dwell on the dumb things you do, it’ll drive you mad. Just realise we all do silly things from time to time. At least you’re not that famous actor who tried to high-five a blind guy :)

Oh, and speaking of blind: between my kids and I, we just spent the last week with conjunctivitis. Ouch! Haha - now that google reader is gone, i can write embarrasing stuff like that again, because my readership has now halved! No more ‘OMG i’ve got a thousand readers, i better not write anything embarrasing!’. :)


As for the house: bricks are done, gyprock (‘drywall’ for you americans) is up, doors are going in soon. It’s looking good, making good progress. It’s a seriously painful lesson in patience, let me tell you. Life’s like that, sometimes - just gotta be patient. I’ve got big dreams, but sometimes it’s a real slow, long journey getting there, with not much happening. As evidenced by blog posts like this - not much going on.

Keep in touch, everyone.

Thanks for reading! And if you want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you: chris.hulbert at gmail.

Chris Hulbert

(Comp Sci, Hons - UTS)

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I have worked at places such as Google, Cochlear, Assembly Payments, News Corp, Fox Sports, NineMSN, FetchTV, Coles, Woolworths, Trust Bank, and Westpac, among others. If you're looking for help developing an iOS app, drop me a line!

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