Hi, I’m Chris Hulbert. You may remember me from such blogs as ‘I’m going to start an business making iOS apps’, ‘Oh wait, forget that, I’m actually going to become a contractor’, and ‘Oh crap - my home builder went broke and so did I‘… ;)

The above was a Simpsons reference if you missed it.

Well, I haven’t been able to blog publicly in a while. Which may explain why half of you have forgotten who I am, and have your fingers poised about the ‘unsubscribe’ link. The thing is, I had a few issues getting the house approved and didn’t really want to talk publicly about it, in case someone from council reads my blog (I know, unlikely). But I can talk now, because: (drumroll…)

The house is finished, all officially approved (we got our ‘Final Occupancy Certificate’), and we’ve moved in!

That’s it - we’re at the finish line!

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement over the years. Well, we still have to do the landscaping, but close enough. And financially we’re still in some debt caused by the crummy builder, but that’ll be solved sometime this year.

Anyway, it’s been a while, but after all the emails of support I’ve received from everyone over the years, I figured I owed you all an update. I’ll understand if you have forgotten who I am and unsubscribe.

Keep in touch, friends!

Thanks for reading! And if you want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you: chris.hulbert at gmail.

Chris Hulbert

(Comp Sci, Hons - UTS)

iOS Developer (Freelancer / Contractor) in Australia.

I have worked at places such as Google, Cochlear, Assembly Payments, News Corp, Fox Sports, NineMSN, FetchTV, Coles, Woolworths, Trust Bank, and Westpac, among others. If you're looking for help developing an iOS app, drop me a line!

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