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I am an iOS developer / contractor based in Sydney, Australia.
I specialise in building well-structured app platforms for companies to build their long-term app strategies upon.
I have a broad array of experience from my work at Google, News Corp, Fox Sports, NineMSN, FetchTV, Woolworths, and Westpac.
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Blogging Platforms

So I've been running a series of 'brownbag sessions' at work around the topic of starting a blog. I thought this would be appropriate in a building full of journalists! So far, it's been fantastic, almost a dozen very enthusiastic attendees.

One of the key issues that's come up has been which blogging platform to go with. I've narrowed down the options to Wordpress or Jekyll. But I found it very difficult to explain the difference between a static site generator (Jekyll) and a full-blown CMS (Wordpress). So I recorded screencasts demonstrating the workflows of each platform, to give the attendees a better impression of the differences. "Show, don't tell", and all that.

Here are the videos, thought they might be helpful to the wider world!

You can read more of my blog here in my blog archive.