[[posterous-content:leahbyAwctoBIgesBDhn]]This app is aimed at helping you keep track of which foods you have fed your newborn child, so that you can pinpoint any potential allergies.

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Untried foods

This is where you can view your 'to-do' list of foods that you haven't tried yet.

When you feed your child a food, tap it in this list and select 'Mark as tried'. The food will then be removed from this list and appear on the 'Tried foods' list.

To add a new food, tap the '+' button in the top right.

To remove a food, swipe across its and tap delete.

Tried foods

This is where you can see your list of foods that you have tried, and take notes if your child has a suspected reaction.

To take notes if you suspect your child has had a reaction to a food, tap it in this list and select 'Reaction notes'.

Any foods that you have made any notes against will appear orange in this list.

To remove a food from this list and return it to the untried foods list, tap it and select 'Move back to untried'.

Reaction list

This is for viewing just the foods that have reaction notes in a convenient list.

To view further details about any food, simply tap its name in this list.


Remember that this app is no substitute for professional medical help. You must consult with your family doctor, pediatrician, or nurse if you suspect your child is having an allergic reaction, or if your family has a history of allergies.


This app was lovingly crafted by Chris Hulbert (Splinter Software) for his wife and soon-to-be child. You can get in touch via email with any suggestions for how to improve this app.

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