This post is a follow-on from part 1 of my series on app marketing. If you’ve read that, you’ll know I tried to create a fancy-looking landing page which would hopefully funnel people to the app store, and use Facebook ads to send people to my landing page. Long story short, it was a failure.

Anyway, my next plan is to do a bit of cross-marketing. I’ve been in the habit of including a ‘more apps by this developer’ button or tab in my apps for quite a while, which has linked to a website with a rather plain-looking list of my 11 apps. So, on a whim, I decided to plug some Google Analytics lovin' into the html, and lo and behold: I get ~300 uniques daily! Which is a LOT more than i was able to pull in with Facebook ads on a reasonable budget…

So: my plan this time is to soup up that site a bit, make it pretty, make it promote one particular app, and make all my other apps free for a week so that lots of people are downloading and hopefully tapping on ‘more apps’, and see how my sales go for my particular promoted app.

To make this work, i used the same landing page from part 1, and tweaked to look good at 640x700ish pixels. Also fiddled the html so that on an iPhone, it will fit neatly on a retina screen (320point / 640 retina pixels wide). Thus it should look neat for the user, and hopefully mean sales.

In a week’s time, i’ll post again with iTunes sales results and analytics hit counts, to let you know how it goes. I’m really hoping that it’ll work. I mean, if i’ve already got someone’s attention enough that they’ve downloaded one of my other free apps (and remember, attention is the most valuable thing on the internet attention economy), then chances are that they’ll be more willing to try out one of my other apps than would a random Facebook user who clicked on one of my lame ads.

So: It’s currently Sun 19th Feb (2:30am US iTunes time). I’ve already made the new ‘more apps’ page live. I’m about to make all my other apps free. Stay tuned!

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