Hi all, here's Oracle Explorer, a very simple C# (VS2005) open source Toad alternative for browsing through oracle databases. It was created in reaction to the awful load times of oracle's java-based Sql Developer, and i can't be bothered with the procurement process for Toad. Maybe someone wants to start a project with this and take it further? Anyway here's the obligatory screenshot: [[posterous-content:pBHypjmdyIzlAAqknxbk]] And the download (including both the EXE and source code):


To install and run it, make sure you get the Instant Client from oracle's website, and copy the oci.dll, orannzsbb*.dll, oraocci*.dll, and oraociicus*.dll files into the same folder as the oracle explorer EXE file.

This project is a follow on from a previous blog entry here: Connecting to Oracle from C# / Winforms / Asp.net without tnsnames.ora 

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