Here’s an example of two very different perspectives on an identical situation:

Its raining – lousy weather, i’m stuck on an awful train, i’m going to be late to work because i slept in, i can’t think of anything to write because i made a goal to write a blog every day this week but just can’t keep it up, just want the day off.


Nice cool weather today, it’s good to be on a train but not sweating like a pig. I slept through my alarm clock – whoops – but I was around for when my daughter woke up, which was sweet. I’ve written 4/5 days this week so far – doing well!

Both are perspectives on the exact same situation. But if you let yourself think like in the first example, you’ll be such a downer, such a grump, that nobody will want to be around you – you’ll even hate your own company. So why not take the second perspective?

You’re going to have to choose one way or the other. You might as well choose to think positively. I know – it’s harder, it goes against the grain, it takes conscious effort, it may simply not be in your personality. But nothing good came of no effort. So make the effort.

Just don’t be fooled into thinking that your current way of thinking is the only option available to you. It is definitely possible to change your perspective. Once you know that you can change, well you’ll just have to live with the knowledge that if you’re not improving, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

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