Here are some slides from a presentation I recently gave about promoting iPhone apps.

If you’re wondering, the format is as per my impromptu app ( Or you can just read it as-is (it’s just markdown with exclamation marks for slide separators).

Hope someone finds this useful! It’s a conglomeration of bad knocks, and advice from some very good marketing guys who were so kind to me.

App promotion

Here's a bunch of my apps, how they're going, and
how I tried to promote them.


Telstra app

* No marketing
* Making slightly more than pocket money
* Dying due to reviews
* Telstra site = very hard to work with
* Succeeded because people already searching for it



* Made app
* Made website to promote it
* Use ads to send people to website
* Not much luck


Service History

* Made app
* Made website to promote it
* Made all other apps free
* Made the 'more apps' tab promote this app
* Get 2 or 3 sales a day - so it is working, a bit
* Not much luck


Skeleton Key

* Made app
* Will have site
* Asked for marketing help, and got...



* Landing page site
* Collect emails, not send to app store
* Getting emails is easier than getting sales
* Then promote the app through emails, leading to sales
* Send people there via ads, forums (ads don't work)
* But i've already built it, so i'll try this for the next app...


Patio11's suggestions

* Find a community
* Build their app
* Work with them
* Then marketing is easy


My new idea

Combine both, to hopefully great effect


New Method

* Find underserved community forum
* Working with them, make app
* Make placeholder page, collect emails, have shareables
* Attract via forums and ads
* Emails with updates
* Done
* Post launch, still interact, and email updates
* Emails link to forum for discussion


Scratch your own itch is wrong, scratch a community's itch.

Thanks for reading! And if you want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you: chris.hulbert at gmail.

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