In the spirit of my book club which has dwindled in membership down to... well, just me, here's a book review of what I just read: The Steve Jobs Biography.

I just finished reading it (takes quite a while!) and the feeling i can't escape is that the author squandered his access to Jobs. The world has just lost one of its visionary leaders, and the book basically documents his home life, his youth, his sickness, and what he did, but never really answered my core question: how and why? What was his 'secret sauce'? I'm really dying to know - how, in a world of mediocre products (cough google cough) and passionless companies (cough microsoft cough), did he manage to build Apple?

He seemed to embody obsession to detail, passion to make things great, and managed to scale that out to his team, but how? The book only goes into all his outbursts. We all know that he was a prick, sure. But it labors the point. And misses the thing i really want to know - which is: how did he transfer that 'secret sauce', whatever it was, to his team? Because i'm dying to know - i want to do the same one day. And i'm sure that his fits and rants weren't what did it. But, after reading the book, that's all i learnt - he was a grump. Well, so's the chair-throwing Ballmer, and it hasn't exactly produced anything special.

I just really want to know - how did Jobs *do* it? What was his secret sauce? Maybe jony should write a book that explains. I'd buy it.

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